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One simple sentence.

“I’ll be right back.”

Why ? You may ask. When i die, My friends,family and other people may ask, “Why did you leave us?” My answer? I Did not. At the moment that they read my last message for them,
“I’ll be right back? What does he mean?”
Only those who became a TRUE friend to me, those people who thinks and treated me like i have a “role” in their lives are the people who would know and understand what i really want to say.
They all thought that i left. Until they realized something after reading that message.
“He came back.”
I came back.
They know that I will always be in their mind and in their hearts. In other words, I never left them. They just did not realize it earlier, that i was there, in their heart and mind, the whole time, and will stay forever.

What would the people write on my grave?
“We will miss you” Will you?
“We love you” Do you?
They can write anything they want,
The lies from the “fake” friends and people. I dont care.
Atleast i know that there’s still a lot of people who truly loves and misses me. They dont need to write anything on my grave, understanding and realizing my last message and appreciating all the things that i did for them when i was alive is enough for me.

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