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Welcome RedMonkey and M3owz

RedMonkey from Switzerland and M3owz from Malaysia recently joined 3i. Congratulations to both of them. We are slowly but surely growing again. Maybe one day we can send again a team to some clan matches and other competitions. Surely its still all about fun. What else could we say πŸ˜‰ Read more →


Exactly at MEZ 18:42 on the 2nd December sga couldn’t resist to join 3i. We are very happy with that fact and hope for a life time commitment. His first words πŸ˜‰ sga|3i: This is a historical moment for your clan, ipola3. Are you recording it ? Yes man we did. Enjoy and good luck with your new role in… Read more →


More great news have arrived! We are happy to announce about our new member Ketar!. Ketar is well known and respected member of AC community. His kindness, friendly and mature behaviour gained him a lot of respect. Ketars’ personality made him our top target and well, now he’s here! Read more →

Swedish brothers!!!

We are happy to announce that |3i| number of members is increasing. We want to welcome our newΒ  members from Sweden: al3rt & SiL3nT. Despite their young age, these two brothers have been part of AC community for more than 4 years. We are excited to see them in our clan and lets hope, that these new recruits means a… Read more →