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    How come the most talented clan in Ac is now quiet.
    your members are some of the most talented in AC, I know this from other sources.
    When I mean talented ; I mean academics.

    Personally I miss you all. I do see you in AC once in a while, but not enough.

    I apprectiate your collective you could be awesome if you wanted to be.
    Hoping to see you around.
    Oh and thanks goes to SGA for holding the fort for the clan and being what he is a great player who lol ( when I first started playing AC properly changed his name to vector so I could actually win a game.) even though it was him. lol


    Hi Vector,
    wow we really appreciate your support. *Thumbs Up*
    Haha funny background information about sga 🙂
    Thx mate for the nice words and hope to see you soon in game.
    Best pola


    Hey vector! Well, there’s younger base of 3i, too 😀 and we’ll, some of us are just busy with studies and other stuff. Myself, I’m about to study abroad in Czech Rep. for one semester, so gotta finish uni pretty well this semester if I dont want any troubles, before leaving.

    Anyways, really nice to see, that some people actually care about 3i. Appreciate that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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