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    After a long time I asked Sp33dy to join. He said yes.
    Forgive me if it took a long time: sometime I think I am not a clan guy. Maybe I am not.
    But today I was playing with Sp33dy and suddenly it just seemed natural to ask him to accept me.
    From how long do I know him? From how long I know Pola and Etch?
    Years. Many years.

    I do not know what makes the sparkle light. Why with someone – that at the beginning it is just a nickname, just like all the others – you start to talk and maybe you give him your skype contact and then you share things of your personal life? No idea. It’s a mystery. But it works.

    With many of the people here I ended to share more then a game. In some cases I saw them growing up. So it is just natural to belong to something. But beware. I could also be a DES. Or a SA, or some other clan. I could find a reason to be in most of the respected clans. I really have friends in many places and probably the place were I have more friends is the vast Kingdom of Noobness, were there are only single nicknames and no tags.
    But there is something I really liked: the persistence of Sp33dy in trying not to make this tag die is maybe the main one. And since I trust him a lot, I thought that he was right and that his effort was worthing my commitment. Another good reason was knowing that Angel/Alert/Or-However-He-Wants-To-Call-Himself and Silent joined: I always liked those two guys and they know, so I am two times happy since I know that we can finally live in the same home.

    I am sorry if I do not know many of the other members. Probably at lot of them are inactive: it doesn’t matter, maybe we’ll have a chance to meet.
    Thanks for waiting me and for accepting me.

    Lets have fun

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    Hi Ketar,

    that was unbelievable news to read that in the forum today. I am very very happy to see you in 3i.
    You made my day. I got goosebumbs as i read that. You joining 3i is a historic event in the AC World 😉
    hahaha, I really mean it! Great introduction. I like your style of writing and your honesty.

    Thanks for your commitment, asking, joining and believing in 3inches 🙂
    I ll see you very soon…

    Cheers pola


    Damn, so nice to see Ketar in same clan, again.
    And well, these days in AC being in a clan or not is the same thing. You still play and interact with people you like. Just, it feels bit better when u know, that your tag connects with you with some other fun people 🙂 Probably this is the reason why i try so hard, to keep 3i alive. And since Ketar is here now, too, I feel even better 🙂

    Also, I thought. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to make 3i AC meeting. 1 hour or less(everyone could leave anytime they have to) game with lots of chatting (nothing too competitve, more like a pub) or we simply could gather and could play few pubs. Just an idea 🙂


    Hey ketar, you made a good choise joining 3i!

    Have fun here and keep up the inters 🙂


    Sp33dy nice idea!
    Thanks Subjective for being a part here too.


    Excellent. What to say.
    Welcome another experienced guy.

    Thanks for your trust ketar !!!

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    Welcome really happy you joined and hope you enjoy it with uss 🙂


    Sp33dy nice idea!
    Thanks Subjective for being a part here too.

    I like all of you and i spent a lot on the forums and ingame (maybe too much xD), glad to see my help/participating got appriciated here 🙂

    Also Ketar you’re improving man! When we first met you were better than me and now you’re still the same and I improved so easy conclusion: you too 🙂

    Sorry for the lggy inter thingy today dunno what my internet is doing it started to live his own way xD

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    Our clan is addictive when you get to know it better Sub 😀

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