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    It has been some time since I’ve last played, and just caught to my attention that pola was still hanging around on pubs with the 3” tag, I had the chance to talk with him and know a bit more on what’s currently of the clan. I am really glad to see there’s yet people to keep this clan well and somewhat alive (for what AC stands right now).

    As for me, I had some peaks of activity but it turned out to be really hard to keep interest after 1.1, since then my activity on irc and in game decreased greatly, there’s no one to blame other than myself for giving up on the group, I won’t lie, wasn’t that fond of the group as any of you, even with a longer establishment, guess I’ve never been the kind of guy that does lot of chit chat without feeling seemingly forced, Diabolus/Bong* and Etch are indeed the ones you may remember with much more affection, and that of course is deserved, they are nice and cool people to hang out with. I was more of the lets do some inter/clan match type, but after the updates I had not much to offer to the clan, so it was kinda given that I would just fade slowly from AC. Even then, I had some activity back on some stages of the game and may even got to talk to some of you (I honestly don’t remember, maybe Diabolus, for the most part), that blew up when I got blacklisted on BoB ladders by having some discussions with one of the admins of those servers, it was troublesome and even after sorting things out, I wasn’t getting anything back from the game and had no attachment to it.

    Not sure anymore where I’m heading to with this post, maybe some greets and kind of a explanation on why I left the game, so I’ll cut the rambling lol. Currently I am not very invested on the competitive side as I don’t have the time or interest to devote myself to get to a level I’d feel comfortably playing (also I am using Wi-Fi and that shows in game), nor being the social guy I never was, but hey, even with the short lived little joy I’ve got from the game, had really nice memories and fun times with it, I hope you do as well and if you may keep the lead of the ship, may as well have some new memories to keep with others members in the years to come.

    So, yup, thanks for keeping the clan alive (Sil3nt, Al3rt, Ketar*, Pola, Sp33dy, Etch) and doing positive efforts for the clan, such as creating this site and keeping some servers/ladders up, it’s in fact something to praise that even against the odds this clan had passed through the time test.

    Take care and see ya around


    Thanks Hunk for your nice post.
    Hope to see you soon again for a little bit more chatting 😉

    I get what you mean and it is nobodys fault if somebody looses interest. Everybody has offs and ons. It is still just a game and there other more important things in live to take care off.

    Sp33dy and Al3rt seem quiet busy with school, and Sil3nt is doing some good job with that ladder. *thumbs up*

    Just saw that the irc is still available and even in use. Nice 😉


    Heh, hey Hunk. Nice to see u there. Well, we are keeping this clan alive, but we are doing pretty bad. I’d say we had way better ambitions, but something didnt let us acomplish our objective. It might be lack of players in AC or just simply none of us had abilities of great leadership to lead to clan to better succes after 1.2. came out. Who knows. Anyway, nice to see u 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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